AR-15 Gun Builder

Gone are the days when one had to visit a gun store to purchase an AR-15. Nowadays, a significant number enjoys building and customizing their AR-15s. As an AR-15 gun builder, you can build a variety of AR-15s at your home. (Note: you still need to go to an FFL and have a background check to receive a lower receiver) It depends on what you want to do with your gun. You can opt for a pistol or rifle design.

Why Should You Build An AR-15 For Yourself?

Gun enthusiasts can ascertain that building guns is an incredible experience and lots of fun. Besides, it’s a legal thing, and you should probably try if you are interested in guns. Finally, while building your own gun, you have a higher chance of customizing your firearm to your preferences. Before embarking on the process of building your gun, you need to have all the components. Here is a list of components an AR-15 gun builder may need to build a standard AR-15 using a stripped lower receiver and stripped upper receiver:

Accessories Of Your Choice. For Example Optics

You can purchase all of the above parts from a gun store or online platforms and have them delivered to you. However, from a legal perspective, a complete lower receiver is considered a gun. Therefore, you will have to fill an ATF form and pay a small fee. That is meant to ensure you own that part legally. Also, note that barrels chambered for 5.56 do shoot both .223 and 5.56 ammunition. However, that one chambered for .223 strictly shoots the .223 only.

A Stripped Lower Vs. Complete Lower Vs. 80% Lower: Which Is The Best For Beginners?

A stripped lower comes as a fully-machined lower receiver with no extra parts. A complete lower comes with pre-assembled with components such as the trigger assembly, magazine holder, safety, buffer tube, and stock. The 80% is simply “an 80% lower” that is incomplete with no components.

Both the stripped and complete lowers are marked with serial numbers; hence they are considered firearms.  A complete lower can work best for beginners since most of the components are already assembled. However, as stated earlier, you will have to do the paperwork and pay some tax. Similarly, you can opt to explore your skills with the 80% lower and also avoid all that legal hassle.

Lower Receiver

AR-15 Customization (A Complete Guide)

A significant number of AR-15 gun builders, understand the essence of a customized riffle at their hands. Through customization, you will achieve most of the expectations of your AR-15, including accuracy, performance, and even personalization of your gun.

While doing AR-15 customization, it does not have to be a complicated process. Here is a complete guide on how to carry on smoothly. It entails components and accessories to upgrade and factors to consider while customizing your AR-15.

Factors to Consider While Doing An AR-15 Customization

Use of your rifle What do you want to do with your rifle? Ensure your customization will enhance and accommodate the need for your gun. For instance, customs for a competition rifle will vary from those of a hunting gun.

Can you use your AR-15 effectively after customization? The reliability of a firearm is critical whenever you use it. Consider upgrading accessories that are essential to the functionality of your AR-15. Besides, consider purchasing quality components while building your firearm to make a reliable gun.


Whenever you undertake any project, you should be ready to invest adequately. Be considerate of how much you wish to spend purchasing the accessories. Before buying anything, research on the best products available in the market. Then go for what suits you and also falls within your budget. However, you should not compromise quality over cost.


As a gun builder, your motivation to make your own a gun is to achieve what you want. Remember, the primary goal of doing customization is to enhance the effectiveness of your AR-15. Avoid “over-doing” customization with unnecessary accessories. Simplicity will also help you cut-off unwanted weight on your gun. Less weight enables you to maneuver easily while using your AR-15.


What Are Some Of The Customizations You Can Do On An AR-15?

There are some universal parts in your AR-15 that you can hardly modify, and they include the lower receiver and some internals. However, other parts are easily customizable. Below are some of the accessories and components you can customize in an AR-15.


The market offers a variety of grips. They come in different designs and textures. You need to upgrade your AR-15 with a grip that feels comfortable on your hands while using the gun. If your AR-15 features a rifle design, then verticals foregrips are allowed while the pistol version takes angled foregrips.

AR-15 Stock


Stock is also a unique component you can enhance. They come as adjustable, foldable, fixed, PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), collapsible, and minimalist stocks. You can customize your AR-15 with what suits you from the above list. Prioritize a comfortable stock while shooting.

AR-15 Rails


Rails are similarly vital components since they allow you to add other accessories to your AR-15. Rails are available in 3 versions, i.e., the M-LOK, Picatinny, and Keymod. They vary in terms of weight, and that is something you should not overlook while selecting.

AR-15 Sights


You need to enhance the sights and magnification of your AR-15 for you to acquire targets and shoot accurately. You can do customs with either of the following: reflex sights, holographic sights or scopes. Once again, what you choose is determined by the purpose of your gun.

AR-15 Light


An AR-15 is one of the versatile guns; hence mounting a quality light on it will enhance its functionality. However, customize your AR-15 with a powerful but lightweight light. There are tons of options in the market.

AR-15 Triggers


We all know the impact a trigger makes while using any gun. You need to customize your gun with perfect triggers that are comfortable on the hand and while shooting. Besides, upgrade to durable triggers with the right shape for your hand.

AR-15 Muzzle Devices

Muzzle devices

You ought to enhance your AR-15 with quality muzzle devices to deal with recoil effects while in action. Customize your AR-15 with a muzzle brake or compensator to improve the performance of your firearm even during rapid firing.

AR-15 Sling and Sling Mountings

Sling & Sling mountings

You need to carry you AR-15 ergonomically. Why not you try adding some slings on your rifle? You can choose from these three options: single-point, two-point, and three-point. Consider what serves your needs and comfort.

Final Thoughts

As an AR-15 gun builder, you have so much freedom to experiment with several things on your gun. As long as you build your gun within the restrictions of the federal law and local regulations, it is fun, and you can explore a lot. Also, consider the above factors while customizing your AR-15 for the best results.


The data stated above applies only to U.S citizens within the legal authorities. This platform is also not responsible for any damages likely to occur while building your gun. Ultimately, it’s an individual competency as a user of this information that you understand the ATF guidelines.